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An Introduction to the 0s and 1s

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Why you should read this article

Even before I learned how to code, I knew there was something called binary and that it was the language computers spoke. I assumed that at some point during my 15 week bootcamp, we would discuss the elusive 0s and 1s but I…

Part Two: From Execution to Integration

Continued from Part 1: From Sandbox to API Set Up

Part Two Sections

Step 5:

It is time to make some magic with our endpoint.

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Before we do that, we should get some definitions out of the way (some new, some review). The following definitions are oversimplified…

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APIs are exciting. I am serious. Stop laughing at me.

They have the ability to turn a sandboxed coding project into an application that interacts with the world outside of your computer and local files. …

A Day in the Life of a Software Engineering Bootcamp Student


Let us revisit one of the most significant moments in computer history . . .

The year was 1983. Two young Fort Worth based engineers travelled to Las Vegas, where they planned to unveil their groundbreaking operating system at Comdex computer expo. There was a buzz in the air as…

Tips on Staying Productive & Mindful While WFH.

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Working in isolation has been interesting. My daily life oscillates between two different realities; from dream remote work life to a post-apocalyptic world that somehow kept Netflix going.

My ability to manage my work environment was put to the test in late April, when I was accepted into the Flatiron…


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